New phone for 2014 (24 December 2013)

I have been using my Samsung Galaxy S4 for several months now. Since I have arrived in U.S., I decided to get myself a new smartphone a new U.S. number. I went to AT&T to check out what they had to offer and saw the Motorola G. It is the latest smartphone in the market which has many different types of customization to choose from. However, the screen was two times smaller than my S4. Also, the specification of the Motorola G was not in par with the S4.

Then, I saw the iPhone 5S. It had been in the market for three months now. But the gold color and specification are very appealing to me. The last iPhone I had used was the iPhone 4 and I had a iPhone 3G before that. iPhone are very good smartphones, especially when it comes to the user interface. They have lots of features that gadget freaks like me need.

At the end, I got the iPhone 5S. Time to put my S4 to rest....