Greetings from Michigan (25 Dec 2013)

Greetings from Michigan! 

The winter weather in Michigan has been a challenge for me. As I had been used to the tropical climate back in Malaysia, I have trouble coping with the freezing weather here. I wasn't prepared for this!

 We rented a Dodge MPV.

Right after the break, there are some pictures of some awesome food.

New phone for 2014 (24 December 2013)

I have been using my Samsung Galaxy S4 for several months now. Since I have arrived in U.S., I decided to get myself a new smartphone a new U.S. number. I went to AT&T to check out what they had to offer and saw the Motorola G. It is the latest smartphone in the market which has many different types of customization to choose from. However, the screen was two times smaller than my S4. Also, the specification of the Motorola G was not in par with the S4.

Then, I saw the iPhone 5S. It had been in the market for three months now. But the gold color and specification are very appealing to me. The last iPhone I had used was the iPhone 4 and I had a iPhone 3G before that. iPhone are very good smartphones, especially when it comes to the user interface. They have lots of features that gadget freaks like me need.

At the end, I got the iPhone 5S. Time to put my S4 to rest....


Leaving Malaysia (18 Dec 2013)

December 18 2013,

It was the day that I had to leave my home country because I had to go to the States for my degree. 

Message to my family: I will put all my effort into my studies to achieve my goals. I will make you proud of me!


iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Unveiled (11 Sept 2013)

Dear all,

Apple has just officially unveiled their new smartphones today at 10 September 2013. The major technology breakthrough of the new iPhone is the feature of fingerprint scanner which is available in the iPhone 5S. Besides that, there is the 64-bit processor and slow-motion camera which are only available for the iPhone 5S.

On the other hand, iPhone 5C is a smartphone whose main targets are the youth. It is one of the best-looking colored smartphones yet in the smartphone market. The entire bodyshell is made up of high-quality polycarbonate. I have a Nokia Lumia 800 made out of polycarbonate and the color has faded. I'm uncertain about the quality of the iPhone 5C's polycarbonate plastics but I hope Apple will have something different to offer this time.

The new iOS 7 is one of the most beautiful user interface (UI) I've seen so far on a smartphone. It has bits of Android's interface but it has more contrast and color. Google, it's time to wake up!

My Galaxy S4 is still looking great so I won't change my phone for the time being. But people, if you're looking for a new gadget now, please get one of these beloved iPhones! In my opinion, get the iPhone 5S! It's the coolest gadget this summer!

Thom's Review:

iPhone 5C: 7/10
iPhone 5S: 8/10


Back to Earth!

Dear readers,

After a long break from my beloved blog, I will start blogging from today. 


Supper at Boston; (8 June 2013)

Me and my gang were bored of ordinary supper in the Klang Valley. Without further consideration, we decided to have supper at a very popular Seafood restaurant in Klang at 2 a.m. 

my first porsche experience; (17 October 2012)

my first porsche experience; 

Today is the first time I've driven a Porsche along with my second elder brother. To make it even special, it is a rare Porsche 911 Turbo. Also, how often do you see a yellow Porsche around the town? 

I drove it to a nearby petrol station.
My brother loves the car.
 It is also our first time seeing the Mclaren MP4-12C.

How was it?

It was thrilling and simply awesome! 


a new car in the house; (31 October 2012)

a new car in the house;

At 3 pm today, me, my bro and his friend Victor went to collect his new car at Ingress Auto, TTDI. Although it started raining when we were on the way, we look no further but our latest BMW. When we saw the car, my brother was so cheerful and lively. He finally gets a car after 3 months without a car.

I like the moment especially everyone is happy at the same time, it's a sight to behold!

Welcome to the family, sexy red beast BMW 328i.


makan at village park; (13 October 2012)

makan at village park;

After our TOEFL exam, we decided to have lunch in Village Park at Damansara Utama (Uptown) to release  our stress of hard work. 

The nasi lemak is simply awesome! (Very satisfying)


first experience at hanazen; (9 October 2012)

first experience at hanazen; 

Firstly, me, my brother and his girlfriend decided to celebrate for the purchase of a new car. Second, we wanted to try Japanese food at a new place recommended by my brother's girlfriend. 

How's the food then? 

It is simply awesome!